Liquidity on Barterdex for CHC


The aim of this proposal is to research and implement a liquidity provider on the Barterdex platform for multiple CHC trading pairs.

The benefit to the community will be to improve trading opportunities for chaincoin community members and potentially attract new members. Additionally, it can reduce the risk of failure of a single centralised exchange.

For those interested in the technology, there are many articles provided on the Komodo platform. This one is particularly relevant to the proposal :-


  • 1 vps with minimum 4GB Ram to run Market Maker, CHC and potentially other native coin daemons
  • Research and development
  • Some trade fees, in particular BTC

Total 1000 CHC ~($40) Paid in 5 installments of 200 CHC.

governance hash is: 8763be09e3cb59a5fca8d43209d1e5b3ca601ff8374b081727050a7b0dc04fa8



So that is how this works. You need a server for each trading pair? I am happy to vote for it. If this finds the use case we shoud continue to pay those "test" market servers. Edit the article link to be a link </> for an easyer access.


Thx. Will update the link. One server can run a few trading pairs from what I know, using the scripts.

Mmm. Says links are not allowed.


This will without a doubt get my vote!

I fixed the link posting too, everyone can post links now.


Prospasals are HERE! :slightly_smiling_face::muscle:t2::heart_eyes:

Thanks @serf for getting it rolling with BarterDEX. I understand they’re working on improving the user experience over the coming months too. Could be a huge benefit to the community as the world learns more about and engages more frequently with DEXes (...or, is it 1 s).


4GB Ram VPS will cost you bout 10-15$ so you will host only 2 moth of Komodo or this proposal only your setup fee ?


Hopefully the server trades will pay for the running costs. To be honest its more an exploration of the tech at this stage and if successful I would keep it going indefinately.


This is live with 5 nodes currently running.

For now they are trading KMD/CHC to allow further assessment.