iCHC initial development funding


This proposal is aim to allocate some dev funding for the initial development work of iCHC.

I am offering my time at £5 an hour (80% discounted rate), committing to 20 hours of work in October, 5 hours minimum a week for a month (4 weeks). If the initial iCHC development isn't completed in the 20 hours, I will continue to work on it till completed.

£100 / £0.035 = 2860chc (round to nearest 10)
proposal cost = 50chc
total = 2910

Definition of Complete:
Works on Chaincoin mainnet
Displays correct balance
Can create transactions
tested and accepted by the Chaincoin Community

I have offered my time at a discounted rate to build community's trusted in me and to reduce the initial cost to the Community. This is a good foot in the door for Chaincoin community and paid dev work, with low risk to me and the community. Also i have set a minimum hours a week but there is a high chance i will do more and complete the 20 hours in less than a month