How to export Chaincoin v9.3.3 balance to Chaincoin v16 desktop wallet


While it was a popular option previously to go with a Hot-Wallet VPS (coins are stored on VPS itself), it is recommended now to go with a Cold-Wallet setup (Coins stored on your local desktop). The most critical part of your hot-wallet is getting your CHC off of the VPS and onto something in your control.

Setup Chaincoin V16 Desktop Wallet

Install and open the new Chaincoin v16 Wallet from and allow it to sync fully. This is what you will be importing your private key (Entire wallet and its contents) into so it should be on your personal computer.

Stop masternode service

First connect to your VPS, to check your masternodes status enter:

chaincoind masternode debug

Now to stop the masternode service:

chaincoind masternode stop

Collect wallet info

First lets verify your CHC are in your VPS wallet:

chaincoind listaccounts

This will show you your wallet name (commonly empty quotes, we'll change that to "v9" on your desktop wallet) and balance. If you used a custom name while first setting it up you will use that name. Now lets get your wallet address:

chaincoind getaccountaddress ""

This will give you your {wallet address}, with this we can export your private key. DO NOT SHARE YOUR PRIVATE KEY!!!

chaincoind dumpprivkey {wallet address}

Save the output {key} so you can import it to your new v16 Chaincoin wallet. KEEP IT SAFE!!


chaincoind stop

Import private key to V16 CHC wallet

From your personal desktop Chaincoin v16 wallet open the Debug Console and enter the following to import your private key we collected.

importprivkey {key} v9

It will take some time for your wallet to rescan the blockchain but once its complete you can check to ensure you imported it correctly by entering:

list accounts

If you see "v9": X.XXXXXXXX then you were successfull in importing your wallet. You should see the same balance from your v9.3.3 VPS.

Now you can use the standard tutorial to finish setting up your Chaincoin v16 masternode, its found HERE


Secure Chaincoin masternode setup Guide for Ubuntu 18.04