Getting your Chaincoin Proposal Started



Proposals in the Chaincoin governance system are subject to voting by masternodes. So, like any voting, you need to convince the voters that your proposal should pass. Here are some key points to consider in every proposal:

Keep your proposal clear

Your proposal should have a clear title, followed by a short and simple description of the objectives. Explain early in your proposal exactly how it will benefit the Chaincoin network, how much Chaincoin you are requesting, how you arrived at this value, and finally who you are and how you plan to do the work. Masternodes should be able to immediately get an idea of what you are proposing from the first few lines of your proposal.

Run a pre-proposal discussion

Get feedback from the community before you post your proposal to the blockchain. A discussion period of around two weeks will help you find out if someone has proposed something similar in the past, and whether it succeeded or failed. Consider the discussion on these channels to be the research phase of your proposal. Later, you can post a link to the forum discussion when your proposal goes live to show you are including community feedback in your work.

Manage your identity and reputation

The Chaincoin community is one of the network’s strongest features, and newcomers are always welcome. However, because of the way proposals work, there needs to be reasonable trust that the work promised in the proposal will be completed if it passes. If you are new, consider starting with a smaller proposal first to prove your ability to deliver on time and budget. Attaching your real name or Keybase identity to a proposal also helps build trust. If you are a making a large proposal, get a team together and nominate (or hire) one person to serve as community liaison, since posting from multiple accounts can be confusing.

Run an enthusiastic campaign for your proposal

Proposals with a video or website have a far greater chance of succeeding! Uploading a video gives your proposal a human touch and a chance to convey your enthusiasm in a way that isn’t always possible in text. Post your video to the forum, become a regular on Discord or run a webinar to explain the proposal and answer questions. Put some work in before you ask for funding to demonstrate your involvement with Chaincoin- but don’t be annoying and spam many channels asking for votes.

Demonstrate your commitment to the network

If you are asking for a significant investment to start up or expand a for-profit business built on Chaincoin, you need to explain why and for how long this funding is required, and what you are offering in return. It can be very helpful to show you have skin in the game by matching the contribution provided in Chaincoin with funds from your own business or investors.

Post your proposal early and make yourself available for questions

Its critical for your proposals success to give masternode voters enough time to evaluate what your bringing forward. - it’s better to wait for the next superblock than to rush! Most masternodes will see your proposal for the first time once it appears on the blockchain. The first few hours of discussion between masternode owners typically bring up a lot of questions and can be critical to influence opinion and voting, so make yourself available during this time.

Keep the community updated when your proposal passes

Your proposal should include details of how you plan to keep the community and network informed of your work. Meet your commitments and post regular reports so your output is clear, and make yourself available on social channels to answer questions. Remember, your ability to pass future proposals depends on your demonstrated ability to deliver and communicate.

Consider arrangements for large requests

If you are requesting a significant amount of funding, there is an understandable concern that you will deliver on your promises to the network. Reach out to trusted intermediaries such as Chaincoin Core Group in advance for advice on escrow, and make the conditions for escrow release public and part of the proposal. If your proposal is so large that uses a significant percentage of the budget, there is a risk that approving your proposal will bump smaller proposals out of the budget. Consider breaking your proposal into smaller monthly payments instead. Proposal Generator

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