First Superblock - Hard Fork initiation


This proposal aims to create a Superblock and there for initiating the planned hard fork making old nodes obsolete. It only pays back the collateral of 50 CHC.


I have to agree :blush: Count on my vote Hash.


There's an issue with the proposal generator, we need Lucas to have a look


Yes we have discussed the issue with epoch/date? He said that he will have a look at it.

Just pinged him on the #code-testing channel. In one hour he will try to solve it.


governance hash: 99de83e833f23c6c19b7f638d5d94f02ba69bfedf25018f1b26984faa36d2b2b


The time is here to continue moving FORWARD!:muscle:t2:


It is fixed thanks to Lucas. You can try to generate it now.


Completely agree. The peasant block are in favour of this.