BarterDex add chaincoin on Windows


This method should work to get chaincoin going on barterdex.


  1. amend chaincoin.conf. Make sure you have the following mandatory entries:


  1. sync chaincoin


  1. Install Barterdex Release 1.1.1 or above if available and go through setup

  2. manage coins / add chaincoin

  3. manage coins / add to startup (native mode)


  1. Close Barterdex but DO NOT restart yet

  2. Amend the barterdex coins.json data file located on your roaming profile.

The value stored for "confpath" is linux based and should be changed to a windows path style e.g.


Word of warning. If you change coin info on Barterdex, this file will revert back so you will have to reapply the change.

  1. Start Barterdex. A short wait and chaincoin should appear as a tradeable coin.

If you get the dreaded error message below then recheck everything.

_ChainCoin (CHC) : It appears you don't have an installation of this coin's wallet on your computer.

Happy trading


Thanks for being out front and shedding light on those of us following behind you Trail Blazers!! We really appreciate the guidance that you’re sharing. Happy Trading indeed.